About Bennett Werner



I love computers, tacos, and video games. Fun fact I worked as a summer camp staffman, leading canoe trips in the Adirondacks.


  • Virtual Reality Design and Development
  • UX Design. Game Design. App Design.
  • Web & WebVR Development
  • 3D Level, Prop, Character, Lighting Design.

My Story

My professional career began in Television Graphics while studying television production and producing while attending Columbia College Chicago (BA).I relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 to work with Fox Networks Art Director VizRT.

In Chicago I learned the craft of the tv studio, but also the nightclub. I produced music for Kikiri Records and held a DJ residency. I still love playing my records and fusing music with new technologies.

I began AR and VR development with Unity after parting with FOX. I attended General Assembly in Los Angeles studying UX design. I applied my UX training to VR and AR applications. I learned programming to see my designs come to life.

Currently I am creating new interactive experiences using many softwares, programming, languages, and game-engines.