Bennett Werner: City Scapes

City Scapes

Includes Mixed Reality Design, Unity Development, project management.


2016 Microsoft Holographic hackathon Los Angeles, In a weekend our team of six was tasked to design a prototype for the new Microsoft Hololens.

Designing for Mixed Reality

The Goal create a usable and functioning prototype. Learn the hololens interactions and use it's functionality for a new application. Designing for mixed reality allows for a tremendous amount of freedom but creatively and technically. Being able to see holograms from all angles was a tremendous experience, giving us the idea for a 3D city to be explored from all angles.


placing holograms into real-world spaces. Using unity our team developed map interaction while 3D models were created for the city. Hand gestures allow the user to select like a mouse. Recognizing hand shape is a key interaction gateway for the hololens. Implementing spatial tracking meant placement of our map onto real-world objects.

Final Concept

Examine distinct landmarks around New York City, The user can select land makers using hand gestures. . The user can select several landmarks and move about the holographic city to view from all angles. you can move your head closer to look closer and see the details and hear 360 audio. the audio really made this come alive. hearing airplanes flying past your head is a great experience. I even made a swarm of holographic bees after this project.