Bennett Werner: ZTE Basketball

ZTE Basketball

Includes Game Design, Unity Development, C#, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, UX, Programming.


In fall of 2016 I began desiging and developing a basketball free-throw game for Google Daydream. The game was intended for ZTE to showcaase their new Daydream-ready Axon7 phone. The game would be played at product activations, sports events, and product showcases.

Designing The Game

The Goal The goal was a quick experience, but high pressure. useres would have the feeling of taking a free-throw shot in VR with a roaring crowd. We designed a large-scal stadium and a small practice area for users to learn the game. Desiging the throwing mechanic was a challenging using a 3DoF controller. We used threshold to provide consisten feedback in the form of a basketball throwing action.


Daydream Developing for mobile VR meant pushing preformance. Sevral crative solutions were implimented to simulate a large stadium crowd of sevral thousand attendant. Mixtures of texture animations and low poly mesh were layered to create a moving animated crowd with flashing camera lights.

Final Concept

We launched the game witha competitive scorboard. users can compete against each other and see their results on a leaderboard. The throwing mechanic was acessable, yet challenging.