Bennett Werner: Play Survios

Play Survios

Includes Technical Installation, UX Design


The Survios Virtual Reality Arcade is located in Torrance California. The Arcade opened as a way for Survios to learn from new users. The arcade hosts new, casual, and competitive users. Users pay for time in VR and access to a curated library of around 20 titles.

VR for Everyone

My initial role with the Play Survios project was technical support. I fixed many HTC Vive controllers and troubleshot issues. It's my opinion that the Vive was not designed to withstand arcade users. A heavy-duty arcade HMD would be desirable for the arcade market.

UX Design for Retail VR

Accommodating a wide range of users simultaneously was no easy feat. Research showed customer flow could be improved. My role became UX centered. I designed a customer flow for the Arcade CMS UI. The interactions are easy for arcade employees to communicate to users in vr wearing headphones. Users can "Look Up" for a gaze triggered need help function. Opposite, a downward gaze trigger activates user-profile information, allowing users to buy time in VR.

Final Concept

The Play Survios project is ongoing. The Survios Arcade is still open in Torrance at the Del Amo Fashion Center. The future of social Vr is bright. Vr is a s fun to watch as it is to play.