Bennett Werner: Lithium


Includes Game Design, Unity Development, C#, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, UX, Programming.


In a digital world blast your way through evil forces of the Nether Net to rescue your Mentor. Yielding deadly of weapons take aim and try to survive. Play through through seven levels of single-player action. Can you defeat the Evil Brain in the Nether Fortress of Lightning? Power up your weapon along the way to defeat giant insects, deadly robots, and corrupted asteroids. With an original soundtrack.

Designing The Game

The Goal I wanted to create an experience for Google Daydream with a cyber-punk/arcade style. The project began as a way to learn components of Unity I had not previously used like Nav-Agents and NPC programming. I designed a simple shooter game mechanic in Unity at first and added game mechanics as I developed the narrative and concept art. My art process involved sketching on white-boards, then quick 3D mesh mock-ups. Blender and Substance Painter were key tools.


Developing meant organizing game-play logic. There are hundreds of NPC on each level, managing their behavior and balancing performance on mobile vr meant being efficient with assets and scripting. Using Daydream Renderer provided a desirable vertex lighting system.

The final build as tested with over 30 users, pretty much anyone I could find. I looked for ease of access, performance issues, quality of experience and frustrations while the game was tested. I followed up with certain users for later iterations of the game and received positive feedback with the changes.

A framework for Lithium emerged as flexible game mechanics were developed using scripting and mechaninm. Levels could be quickly designed and iterated upon allowing parallel design and development.

Final Concept

Lithium was released to the Google Daydream Playstore in January 2018. The apk passed Google's standards and performance benchmarks making it accessible in over 70 countries for users with compatible devices. Currently world sense tracking capability is being added to the build, allowing greater user freedom.